Integrated Environmental Solutions

We believe that holistic, collaborative and integrated environmental solutions can optimize our solutions to environmental challenges that we face in the oil & gas industry and other areas. Integration of environmental concepts within current operation is the long term solution a sustainable economic prosperity and security of energy supply. Our approach incorporates financial, social, and environmental sustainability into project delivery. Industrial collaboration will enhance our progress towards optimizing the different environmental systems within our area or our region. Integrated environmental solutions help optimizing the conservation of a resource during remediation, connecting supplies and demands within a certain area, incorporating environmental obligations within the operation system, and save significant remediation costs.

We have earned a strong reputation for customer service, technical excellence and innovation, while delivering value through safe and sustainable solutions.

Technosol offers a full spectrum of environmental services to help individuals and organizations to meet their environmental obligations during the lifecycle of a project, comply with regulations, and achieve their corporate objectives.

Services include:

  • Environmental Management and Information System;
  • Database for Integrated Environmental Solutions;
  • Reuse, recycle contaminated and produced water;
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment;
  • Waste Management;
  • Phase I and II environmental site assessment;
  • Detailed site investigation;
  • Reclamation and conservation;
  • Remediation of soil and groundwater;
  • Decommissioning;
  • Well abandonment;
  • Regulatory approvals and permitting;
  • Environmental compliance;
  • Audit and due diligence reviews;
  • Innovative technology development;
  • Operation of environmental remediation and treatment systems.