Our Duty to Care

Technosol Engineering Ltd. and its associates have engaged in helping people in Burundi, with focus on employment and education. Other opportunities may arise to serve elsewhere.

The country of Burundi is the most densely populated in sub-saharan Africa with over 300 inhabitants per square km. No need to say that land is the most critical issue for that country. With over 90% unemployment and insufficient land to sustain life for an average family, cyclic civil wars have been cynically the only way to relieve its burden of over population.

Since land is in very short supply, the major challenge is employment. The solution to employment is industry and adequate education. While the Government, which is virtually the only employer, struggles with these issues and other collaterals, private initiatives to create industry have been held back for a multitude of reasons.

Today, we are engaged in creating opportunities for people who were failed by the school system or other life circumstances to continue their education, therefore reviving hope for a better future. 

 We created a small hotel business which provides employment, while encouraging its employees to learn a profession, improve their knowledge and education to get a higher paying job, or build their own small business in the future. Their wage helps them to pay for their tuition, find accomodation, pay for school supplies, etc. 

As the people graduate with degrees, professions, or other opportunities, they will leave the opportunity for others to take their place. One former employee has already graduated with a bachelor’s degree and will soon find a better employment. Four others are currently in the process. We hope the system will grow to accomodate larger capacities.

We also support a limited number of children and students to go to school by providing school supplies, tuition, accomodation, bus passes, meals, etc…

Over eighty employments were created for a whole year in 2007-08 while working on the construction of the hotel building.  We always ensure that our workers have a meal at work.

We contributed to rebuild a damaged water main that supplies water to a health centre. The centre was otherwise closed for lack of water.

Our goal is to lend support towards education, employment and self reliance. “Give me a fish and you feed me for a day. Teach me to fish and you feed me for a lifetime” (Chinese Proverb).